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House Check Program


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    1. House Check Program
      The Casselberry Police Department provides a service to the community by checking on homes of residents who are away due to scheduled vacations or unexpected travel. The program is provided as a service to those who will be gone up to 90 days, is free and only requires the resident complete the below House Check form.
    2. The program is provided free of charge and is limited to 90 days of service. Please note that scheduled house checks will include periodic checks of the residence. The frequency will be determined by the activity in the area and the workload of the officer assigned to the area.
    3. Please notify Casselberry Police Department Communications at 407-262-7606 if you return BEFORE the date listed on your request and cancel the service.
    4. Be advised this service provides no guarantee of loss or damage to your property. The Casselberry Police Department shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages or loss which occur during absence. By submitting this request and signing the form, you are waiving all liability, rights, claims and causes of action against the City of Casselberry, the Casselberry Police Department and its employees and representatives.
    6. Submit
      Please complete the form below and submit the request online. Alternatively, the below form can be printed, SIGNED, and brought or mailed to the Casselberry Police Department located at 4195 South U.S. Highway 17/92, Casselberry, Florida 32707. If submitted by postal mail, please write "Attention: House Check" at the bottom of the envelope.
    7. Note
      If return date is not known, indicate an approximate date and ensure you contact Communications at (407) 262-7606 to cancel this service upon return.
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