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Early Start Authorization Application

  1. For questions, contact the Building Division by phone at (407) 262-7700 Ext. 1103 or by email at
  2. Early Start Authorization Conditions:
    In consideration for a fee and Early Start Authorization, the City and the Owner, Contractor, and Tenant agree to the following:
  3. 1. A complete building permit application and plans must be submitted at the time of the request for Early Start Authorization.
  4. 2. This Early Start Authorization is for interior work only.
  5. 3. Compliance with Asbestos National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, State Department of Environmental Protection, and other regulatory agencies must occur for all demolition work.
  6. 4. Work shall not be concealed and must remain open for all necessary inspections. At the time of inspections, any concealed work must be uncovered.
  7. 5. The Contractor acknowledges that all subcontractors will be properly licensed and have current worker's compensation coverage.
  8. 6. Work may not proceed past the first required inspection, as per Florida Building Code Section 105.12.
  9. 7. The Early Start Authorization does not guarantee that the construction plans will be approved as submitted. All work done prior to the issuance of the required permits shall be at the Owner's, Contractor's and Tenant's risk.
  10. 8. The Owner, Contractor and Tenant acknowledge that additional fees, including but not limited to impact, capital recovery and zoning fees, may be due at time of building permit issuance.
  11. 9. The Owner, Contractor and Tenant acknowledge that additional site improvements, including but not limited to installation of a grease trap, accessible parking and landscaping, may be required at the time of building permit issuance.
  12. 10. The Owner, Contractor and Tenant agree to indemnify and hold the City free and harmless from any and all claims, causes of action, damages, losses, penalties or costs, including, but not limited to, all attorney's fees (whether from litigation or administrative proceeding, including cost and fees on appeal), with respect to any person or government authority arising out of, either directly or indirectly, the construction or operation at the premises covered by this Early Start Authorization, whether the liability, loss or damage is caused by, or arises out of, the negligence of the City or of its officers, agents, employees, or otherwise.
  13. 11. If the City shall be subject to any claim, demand or penalty or become a party to any suit or other judicial or administrative proceeding by reason of any claimed act or omission by any party, or by reason of any act occurring on the subject premises, or by reason of any omission with respect to the construction or operation on the subject premises, the Owner, Contractor and Tenant shall indemnify and hold the City harmless against all judgments, settlements, penalties, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, court costs and other expenses of litigation or an administrative proceeding, incurred by or imposed on the City in connection with the investigation of defense relating to such claim or litigation or administrative proceeding, and at the election of the City, the Owner, Contractor or Tenant shall also defend the City.
  14. 12. It is understood and hereby acknowledged between the parties hereto that the City shall not be liable for any act, debt, or other obligation to the Owner, Contractor or Tenant.
  15. 13. The Owner, Contractor and Tenant acknowledge that the issuance of this permit does not guarantee a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the City and that additional site and building construction activities must be complete prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued by the City.
  16. 14. This Early Start Authorization will terminate upon the issuance of a Building Permit for property covered by this Early Start Authorization. However, this agreement shall remain in effect for all events occurring prior to the issuance of the Building Permit.
  17. By signing this Early Start Authorization Application, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees to conditions 1 through 14.
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