My water bill is much higher than normal. What do I do?


If an applicable reason exists, the account holder may submit a Utility Adjustment Request Form with supporting documents. The City will review the customer's account and may make an adjustment. If the request is approved, a Utility Customer Service Representative will contact the customer after the adjustment is completed to advise of the amended balance due. 


As a customer of City of Casselberry Utilities Division, you may request an adjustment on your current water bill if you have recently encountered double the usage of consumption due to a leak, pool fill or new sod in a 12-month period or unexplained/unintended usage once in a 3-year period. The adjustment request must be submitted within 45 days of repair and 30 days from bill date for unexplained/unintended use. Valid proof of repair must be included. The submittal of this request does not prevent your account from collection activity, including service interruption. Please refer to the adjustment ordinance 18-1499 and/or adjustment policy for full details. 

Payment Plan

If a payment plan is desired, the account holder must speak with a Utility Customer Service Representative by visiting the Customer Service desk at City Hall or by calling (407) 262-7760.

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1. My water bill is much higher than normal. What do I do?
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