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Posted on: September 20, 2017


Debris Management FAQs

The City of Casselberry Public Works Department is working quickly to ensure all yard debris is removed throughout the City in a timely manner.  Although Waste Pro is the City’s residential solid waste collection and disposal vendor, the amount of debris that has been accumulated by Hurricane Irma exceeds the amount under contract.  Therefore, the City has authorized Crowder Gulf to handle debris management.  CrowderGulf specializes in disaster recovery and debris removal and will deploy ample workforce to ensure the City’s streets and rights-of-ways are cleared as quickly as possible.  The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are being provided to answer general questions about this service. This information includes important information about what constitutes “debris” and where it should be placed for proper collection.  

What is the City doing about storm debris removal?
The City of Casselberry has contracted with CrowderGulf to assist with Debris Management throughout the City.  This includes large, loose limbs, trees, tree stumps, and all other yard debris that does not conform to the normal yard waste specifications set forth in the residential solid waste contract with the City’s waste hauler.

When will storm debris removal begin?
The removal of storm debris began Monday, September 18, 2017.  Debris removal will continue from 7am – 7pm, seven days a week until operations are completed. Debris removal will be collected by Zones (starting with Zone 1 and ending with Zone 5 - see attached).

What will the City accept as storm debris?
Storm debris is loosely defined as any debris, such as trees, tree limbs, tree stumps, etc. that have accumulated during the storm.

What should I do to ensure my yard debris is removed as quickly as possible?
The City of Casselberry is asking all residents to clear their property of all loose yard debris and place it curbside for removal. No debris will be removed from private property. (Wherever possible, please try to avoid placing debris on sidewalk unless there is insufficient space between the sidewalk and curb.  Please leave at least 3 feet of clear sidewalk path for pedestrians).

Will the City accept any other items for disposal under the debris removal contract?
.  The City of Casselberry has also negotiated with CrowderGulf to accept fencing, sheds, and household hazardous waste, in addition to yard debris. These items must also be separated and placed curbside (see attachment). However, normal household garbage and recycling will not be accepted.  Please dispose of household garbage and recycling on your normal collection day.  Waste Pro will pick up these items as usual.

What should I do if I live in a gated community, apartment complex, or other multi-family development?
At this time, debris will only be removed from public City and County rights-of-way, within the City limits. At this time, the contractor will not collect debris from inside gated communities, apartment complexes, multi-family developments, or other developments that do not have public streets.

Where will the Debris Management contractor take my debris?
A portion of the City of Casselberry Golf Course will be used as a TEMPORARY debris management site for vegetative debris ONLY.  This location was pre-approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection specifically for this purpose. At this site, the debris will be reduced and transported to an approved disposal site.  This site will be fully restored once the operation has been completed and closed out. Non vegetative debris will be taken by the City’s contractor to the proper disposal site.  It is very important that residents separate their debris by type (see attached).

Why is the City using the golf course for handling debris?
The golf course is the only site in the city approved by the state, which has specific soil, environmental and standing water proximity requirements by which all municipalities must comply with in this process.  The location of the City’s many lakes prevent other potential sites from being used for this temporary process. The golf course, which is centrally located in the City, is the only site large enough and far enough away from standing water that meets the state’s regulations.  The site has been extensively tested and will be tested again at the end to assure full restoration has occurred. 

When will this start, and what should we expect?
Debris removal is scheduled to occur between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week until completion. Regrettably, it is anticipated that noise and a higher than normal level of truck traffic will be the temporary by-product from the transporting and mulching processes. Some important details include:

  • The City will post additional police in the area to ensure that traffic moves safely, especially near area schools.
  • Debris will be temporarily placed near hole #6, on the east side of the golf course along Park Avenue.  It is expected that the golf course fairway will be minimally affected by this work.
  • The fairway will be narrowed somewhat to allow for debris to be placed away from the roadside and mulched.
  • The golf course fairway will also be shortened so that this fairway remains open and playable throughout this temporary situation.
  • The golf course will be restored to its original condition once debris has been completely removed


Is there a place I can take my debris other than curbside?
Yes. There will be one (1) citizen drop-off point in the City, open for one week only – 9/20/17 – 9/27/17 - where citizens can drop off storm debris that is becoming a nuisance (Casselberry residents ONLY – ID required).  This location is the overflow parking at the Golf Course (300 S. Triplet Lake Dr.).  This site will be open for drop off 7am – 7pm each day through 9/27/17. 

Can I take my debris directly to the debris management site?
NO. This site will be strictly monitored and must meet stringent federal requirements in order for the City to be fully reimbursed for the cost of debris removal. All debris must be placed curbside or brought to the approved collection site mentioned above.  No exceptions.

Will there be any normal yard waste collection by Waste Pro?
Yes.  The City of Casselberry has authorized Waste Pro to continue with normal garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection.  All other waste not conforming to the normal specifications set forth in the residential solid waste contract will be collected by Crowder Gulf, the City’s Debris Management vendor.

What should I do about downed trees?
All trees that have become uprooted need to be brought to the curb for proper removal.  The City of Casselberry asks that trees be reduced to manageable sizes for disposal. IMPORTANT! Please contact Duke Energy at 1-800-228-8485 before attempting to remove any downed tree in contact with a power line.

What do I do if I have yard waste containerized and bundled properly?Waste Pro will collect all yard waste conforming to specifications set forth in the residential solid waste contract.  If you feel that you have been missed, please contact the City of Casselberry Public Works Administration office at (407) 262-7725, ext. 1225.

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