Past Exhibits

Casselberry Sculpture House

ReVision (Florida Sculptors Guild) September - December 2021

This was the inaugural exhibition in the Sculpture House, a gallery dedicated to 3D and experimental artwork. 

A tactile art exhibition presented by the Florida Sculptors Guild. This art experience encouraged all guests to touch the sculptures and was specifically made for those with vision loss.

Brooks Dierdorff, Artist in Residence, January - April 2022

With this installation, Dierdorff shines a light on a 2020 charter amendment that passed in Orange County called the Wekiva Econlockhatchee River Bill of Rights or WEBOR. The amendment is part of the growing “Rights of Nature” movement happening across the country and internationally.

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New Yorker Article

Shannon Rae Lindsey, Artist in Residence, May - August 2022

Shannon Rae Lindsey (American, b. 1985) received a MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina and a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. She has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions as an interdisciplinary artist who explores drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation with unconventional art materials and processes. Her work embodies order and disorder to manifest her understanding of entropy.

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Casselberry Art House

The Adventures of Mugs and Pockets (Art Exhibition and Listening Party) January 5-31, 2022

Orlando Legend, Swamburger has teamed up with Chicago producer/songstress, Scarlet Monk, to form the dynamic duo known as “Mugs and Pockets,” (aka MAP) at the Casselberry Art House located at 127 Quail Pond Circle. The Adventures of Mugs and Pockets is not only an exploration of their journey together, it is the name of their first collaborative album. To celebrate the album’s upcoming release, Mugs and Pockets have planned a Listening Party coupled with a special showcase of their latest paintings and illustrations. Also, on site on the same evening will be the Casselberry Food Trucks.

Seminole County Public Schools AP Studio Art Underclassmen Exhibition February 1-28, 2022  

Seminole County’s best student artists from Hagerty, Lake Brantley, Lake Howell, Lake Mary, Lyman, Oviedo, Seminole, and Winter Springs High Schools will come together to exhibit their 2D and 3D art works in the annual exhibition at the Casselberry Art House. Show your support by attending this exciting show with the county’s most promising young artists.

“Moving Forward” Women Artists Group art exhibition March 1 – March 31,2022

On Friday, March 11 from 6–8 p.m., The Casselberry Art House will host an opening reception for the Women Artists Group consisting of seven artists expressing diverse interpretations of a changing world in both natural and abstract forms. Beatrice Athanas, Francine Levy, Eliza Pineau Casler, Marianna Ross, Bonnie Shapiro, Debbie Smith, and Lillian Verkins have been meeting since 2015 to encourage individual professional growth, share art opportunities, and provide feedback on their artistic endeavors. The group works in a variety of mediums including pastel, oil, acrylic, pen and ink, and pencil drawings. 


Sanford Seminole Art Association | September 8-30
The Artist's Way of Central Florida | August 5-31
P.O.W. Artists and Friends | July 6-31
Pastel Society of Central Florida | June 3-30
Seniors, Students, and Instructors of the Art House Exhibition | May 4-28
Annual Recycled Art Exhibition | April 6-25
Women's Art Group | March 6-27
Seminole County Advanced Placement Underclassmen Studio Art Exhibit | February 7-25
Art Glass Guild of Central Florida - "Vivid Visions in Glass" | January 3-31


Florida Wax - "Encaustic Rhythms" | December 4-31
Rotary Club of Casselberry - "2020 Rotary Calendar Artists Exhibit" | November 1-28
Florida Sculptors Guild - "Best of FSG" | October 7-29
Sanford Seminole Art Association Exhibit - "What We Did This Summer" | September 4-26
The Artist’s Way - "The Art of Letting Go" | August 26 - 30
Silksational! | August 2-23
P.O.W. Artists & Friends - "Journey to Recover - Art Heals IV" | July 6 - 30
Artists League of Orange County - "Celebrating 66!" | June 5-28
2019 Seniors, Students, Instructors of the Art House Exhibit | May 13-31
Ken and Betty H. Austin - "Mother & Son: Art in Their Blood" | April 29 - May 12
2019 Recycled Art Exhibit | April 15-27
Central Florida Watercolor Society 20th Anniversary Exhibit | March 2-29
Seminole County Advanced Placement Underclassmen Studio Art Exhibit | February 6-27
The Florida Painters and Friends - "Portraits in Landscape Painting" | January 7-31


Johann Eyfells & R.V. - "Legends of Central Florida Art" | December 7-30
Rotary Club of Casselberry - "2019 Rotary Calendar Artists Exhibit" | November 2-30
Florida Sculptors Guild - "Best of Florida Sculptors Guild" | October 8-31
Sanford Seminole Art Association Exhibit - "Pouring Colors" | September 5-30
The Artist’s Way of Central Florida – "Casselberry’s Door to Creativity" | August 6 - September 1
Pastel, Oil, Watercolor (P.O.W.) Artists & Friends - "Journey to Recovery: Art Heals III" | July 5-27
2018 Seniors, Students, Instructors of the Art House Exhibit | May 11-31
2018 Recycled Art Exhibit | April 16-28
Artists League of Orange County - "Joy, Hope, Love" | March 5-29
Seminole County AP Underclassmen Exhibit & Skateboard Pop Up Exhibition | February 8-27
Florida Wax - "Everything Encaustics" | January 23 - February 6
Florida Artists Group - "FLAG Area V Exhibit" | December 19, 2017 - January 18, 2018


Florida Four & Friends - "Casselberry Art House Exhibit" | December 1-14
Rotary Club of Casselberry Annual Calendar Exhibit - "Our Central Florida Community" | November 3-30
Florida Sculptors Guild - "Best of FSG 2017" | October 9-27
Sanford Seminole Art Association - "Everything Latin" | September 5-30
Central Florida Artist’s Way - "It’s About Time" | August 7-28
P.O.W. Artists & Friends - "Art Heals II: The Journey to Recovery" | July 5-28
3:3:3 - "Three Artists, Three Media, Three Directions" | June 2-30
2017 Seniors, Students, and Instructors of the Art House Exhibit | May 8-30
2017 Recycled Art Exhibit | April 11-29
Artists League of Orange County - "Celebrating Life" | March 3-30
Seminole County AP Studio Art Underclassmen Exhibit - "Creativity Unleashed" | February 8 - March 1
Oviedo Photo Club - "What We See" | January 5 - February 5