Development and Land Use

Applications and Forms

Copies of Planning Division applications and forms are located in the Form Center.

Review Process

The Planning Division reviews the following applications:

  • Site Plan/Subdivision Plan Review (SPR) - Site plan/subdivision plan review is required for all new residential subdivisions and commercial construction.
  • Plat (SP) - The plat process is required for:
    • Any parcel of land which is divided into two or more parcels for the purpose of transferring ownership or conducting development
    • Any development which creates a new public street
    • The re-subdivision of property
    • The aggregation of parcels
  • Variance (BA) - A variance is the process by which an applicant can request relief from a dimensional requirement of the Unified Land Development Regulations (ULDR).
  • Conditional Use (CU) - The conditional use process reviews the compatibility of a proposed land use on a site.
  • Zoning Amendment (ZB) - An amendment to the zoning of a parcel may be required in order to accommodate a particular use. The zoning amendment must be in conformance with the Future Land Use designation of the parcel and appropriate for the local area.
  • Comprehensive Plan/Future Land Use (LPA) - An amendment to the City's Future Land Use Map may be requested to accommodate a particular use on a property.

How to Develop in the City of Casselberry

  • Contact the Planning Division at (407) 262-7751 to obtain a copy of the City's Developer's Help Guide - a quick reference tool which corresponds to the various components of the City's development review process.
  • Provide staff with details of the proposed development, including property address, the parcel identification number from the Seminole County Property Appraiser, and a simple site plan showing the improvements.