Building Division


The Building Division will have limited services available on Tuesdays ONLY from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. due to staff training, beginning Tuesday, July 13, 2021 and ending Tuesday, January 25, 2022.


The Building Division manages the construction or alteration of buildings and other structures erected within the City through the issuance of building permits.

The City of Casselberry has an online permitting system that offers the ability to:

  • Check the status of a permit application
  • Schedule inspections
  • Search for past permits

Access the online permitting system.

The building standards are established by the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code. For additional information, please view the following references:

As of January 1, 2021, all plans must comply with the 2020 Florida Building Code 7th Edition.

All building and impact fees must be paid in person at City Hall.


Inspections are performed Monday-Thursday. 

Monday inspections must be scheduled by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Building Permit Applications

Building permit applications and forms are located in the Form Center

Some forms are not available online. Please contact the Building Division at (407) 262-7700, Ext. 1103 or email Building Services Coordinator to request copies of the following building forms:

  • Certification of Service Disconnect
  • Change of Contractor Form
  • Commercial Window Signage Application
  • Communications Services Provider Registration Form
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulations Statement Regarding Construction Lien Law
  • Department of Environmental Protection Notice of Demolition for Asbestos Renovation
  • Early Start Authorization Application
  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Product Approval Form
  • Sign Permit Addendum

Contractor Registration

Contractors are not required to register with the City. However, contractors must submit the following documentation with every building permit application:

  • Current State License
  • Workers Compensation listing the City of Casselberry as the certificate holder or the Certificate of Exemption
  • General Liability Insurance listing the City of Casselberry as the certificate holder
  • Business Tax Receipt 

Schedule of Building Permit Fees

On all construction work requiring a permit, fees for building permits and related activities shall be applied in accordance with the schedule stated below. Valuation of construction shall be determined by the contract value of construction.

1. Building Permit Fee

a. A total construction valuation up to and including $1,000.00 requires a building permit fee of $20.00, which shall be paid upon receipt of the permit.

b. A total valuation in excess of $1,000.00 requires a building permit fee of $20.00 for the first $1,000.00 valuation, plus one-half of one percent (0.005) of the valuation in excess of $1,000.00, which shall be paid upon receipt of the permit.

2. Plan Review Fee
When the valuation of the proposed construction exceeds $1,000.00, a plan review fee shall be paid to the City upon receipt of the permit. Said plan review fee shall be equal to one-half of the building permit fee.

3. Inspection Fee

When the valuation of the proposed construction exceeds $1,000, an inspection fee shall be paid. Said inspection fee shall be equal to one-half of the building permit fee. This inspection fee shall be in addition to any other fee imposed by this Section and shall be paid upon receipt of the permit.

4. Reinspection Fee

The reinspection fee shall be $50.00 for the first reinspection, $60.00 for the second reinspection, and $70.00 for every reinspection thereafter. All reinspection fees shall be paid prior to receiving final inspection.

5. Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees shall be applied as applicable and shall be in the amounts as indicated in the table below:

Tents/air supported structures: $25.00

Temporary electric pole: $20.00

Construction trailer: $75.00

Occupational license (Building Division walk-through inspection): $10.00

Portable sign: $25.00

Demolition (per structure): $25.00

Partial Certificate of Occupancy: 1/2 Building Permit Fee

Electrical power prior to Certificate of Occupancy (prepower): $200.00

Contractor change: $30.00

Change on application: $30.00

Revised single-family residential plans:

Minor Revision: $30.00

Major Revision: $60.00

Revised commercial plans, per page: $30.00

Researching records, per item: Hourly Charge

Please note that additional surcharges and impact fees may be applied. For additional information, refer to Section 1-4.3 of the City Code.