Enforcement Bureau

The Enforcement Bureau contains the uniformed members of the agency and includes the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Community Response Squad, Traffic Squad, and Crime Analysis.


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest component of the Casselberry Police Department and serves as its backbone. These are the men and women who are on the front line of fighting crime and protecting the citizens of Casselberry. Patrol officers are assigned to particular zones within the city, thus allowing them to become familiar with a particular area and to establish a rapport with our city residents and businesses. Efforts to prevent and reduce crime are achieved through proactive patrol techniques in problem areas and by frequent contact with citizen groups and individuals.

The Patrol Division has four working squads on 12-hour shifts. Each patrol squad has a Sergeant, a Corporal, and six officers.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is charged with following up on investigations by pursuing leads with the overall objective of finding and arresting people responsible for committing crimes. Detectives investigate crimes ranging from homicides to burglaries.

Once an investigation is initiated, criminal patterns are researched with the hope of finding evidence directing a detective to a successful conclusion.

All detectives start their law enforcement careers as uniformed patrol officers and are selected for transfer to investigations based upon their knowledge, experience, and investigative ability.

Community Response Squad

The Community Response Squad addresses, responds, and deters drug-related crimes and other quality-of-life issues within the city. The five-person squad focuses on tasks such as cultivating informants, conducting traffic stops, doing surveillance, and obtaining/executing search warrants.

Traffic Squad

The Traffic Squad is primarily responsible for traffic enforcement and traffic crash investigations. The squad currently consists of two officers. Their primary enforcement emphasis is on neighborhood traffic complaints. The Traffic Squad investigates all fatal crashes or those with life-threatening injuries as well as hit-and-run crashes that occur within the city limits of Casselberry. All of the members of this Squad are trained in accident reconstruction and use state-of-the-art crash scene mapping technology.