Common Code Violations

Top Code Violations

  1. Yard Maintenance Standards - Dead trees and limbs must be removed. Overgrown vegetation must be trimmed so as not to impair vision or obstruct the travel of motorists.
  2. Inoperative Motor Vehicles - Disabled and/or unlicensed vehicles cannot be stored on premises unless located in a carport or garage.
  3. Junk, Trash, and Debris - Junk, trash, and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be disposed of properly. This includes auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, tires, trash, and debris such as cardboard, plastics, tree trimmings, etc.
  4. Recreation Vehicles, Boats, and Trailers - Recreation vehicles, boats, and trailers must be parked behind the front facade(s) of the principal structure, and must be screened from view with a solid opaque fence, wall, or healthy landscape material.
  5. Condition of Structures - Any wood, siding, shingle, railing, fences, walls, porches, doors, windows, screens, and all exterior parts must be maintained in sound condition and good repair.
  6. Outside Storage - Outdoor storage is prohibited. Generally, anything that would ordinarily not be used outdoors (for example, indoor furniture, household appliances, auto parts, etc.) may not be stored outdoors.
  7. Illegal Dwelling Units - Proper permits are required for all interior and exterior additions.
  8. Business Licensing - Engaging in a home occupation or commercial business requires a Business Tax Receipt.